The Acts of the Apostles - Sunday Evenings

By Pastor David Teasdale |  July 21, 2020

The book of Acts is commonly known as the history of the establishment of the New Testament church. While that is true, Acts is a book that provides the believer with abundantly more than a history lesson. Acts reveals the details of God’s inauguration of the local church, and it reveals how those local churches will be composed of any nationality of people who are willing to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Acts provides an insider’s perspective into the ministries of the apostles Peter and Paul. Paul’s missionary journeys, detailed in Acts, reveal the model for Christian missionary ministries to this day. Maybe more than anything, the student of Acts learns about the Triune God’s active participation in the establishment and effectiveness of any local church. Don’t miss out on this very practical study that directly involves every local church seeking to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.